The Biography of Josef Schwartz

Josef Schwartz was born in Barletta, Italy in 1948. He lived most of life in Haifa, Israel later, over a course of time acquired Artistic knowledge. The Art he constructed began to be recognized by many around the World.

 In 1971, he then Filmed, and photographed in The Amazon Rain Forest for six months. While living, and observing life with Indigenous Tribes. He was also in other South American Countries such as, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and, Uruguay. This then Concluded his Travels In South America.

Moreover, his time in North America brought light to many memorable photographs in the United States of America, and Mexico.

While in Europe Josef Photographed in, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, England, Holland, Denmark, and Switzerland.

While in The Middle East, he photographed in Israel, and Egypt. With such copious amounts of images, it all totaled to Exotic Art, combining, expression, and Creativity.  

Josef Schwartz has been living in The United States since, 1986, while advising many known artists.

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    Josef Schwartz


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